After a change in life, whether it’s a death or just relocating, the whole procedure can be overwhelming & emotional.  You need to sell your belongings quickly but want to obtain the best price.  I have 30 years of experience working with families, attorneys, & real estate agents and can make this transition as comforting as possible.

My team has over 70 year combined experience in estate sales, antique shows, antique shops, coin & stamp collections, artwork, antiques, vintage clothes, jewelry, etc.  Whether you are looking for estate sale services, liquidation services, or consignment we are here to assist you.

Although my team has excessive experience & knowledge we do our due diligent on pricing & marketing your item at the current market.

We have several avenues to sell your items:  we conduct sales at your location, social media, customer lists & our virtual store. Check out our shop page on Facebook. 

For the sale, we stage & arrange your items to be able to optimize the greatest return on your possessions.

Fees: fees are individually decided by sale.  We come out & negotiate a fee that is fair to everyone concerned because each sale is very unique. Contact me to SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY VISIT.  We charge no upfront or hidden fees and no deposit is ever required.  An advantage to a partner that works with you on percentage (instead of a minimal charge) is that every attempt is made to sell as much as possible, using any method possible, during the sale. 

Do you have more questions?  Check out FAQ.