1. How is the sale advertised?  Nationally on Estatesales.net,  Facebook, website, Twitter,  Craigslist,  Facebook virtual shop, email lists & 15 different swap pages. Additionally, we will write a client paid ad to any local papers.
  2. What are your rates? We charge no upfront fees, hidden fees, or deposits… for more information see services.
  3. How is the sale managed?  We price, organize, stage, & take pictures of the items. If there are valuables they are cased and for a large amount of jewelry or other valuable collections, checked out individually with an individual cashier.
  4. What is done with items remaining? An advantage to a partner that works with you on percentage (instead of a minimal charge) is that every attempt is made to sell as much as possible, using any method possible, during the sale.  Any remaining items belong to the client, unless previously contracted, who has various options.  They can be kept by the owner, donated to clients choice or sold to an independent buy service.
  5. What are the terms of the sale? We are unable to assist in moving your items, we do not guarantee working order so please be sure items are to your liking before you leave, please remember these items are used so expect normal wear.